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MAY 2017: KnowCo IFRS 9 solution for IFRS 9 responds to all requirements of the Standard applicable to non-complex institutions, from governance, classification and measurement of assets and off-balance sheet exposures, to impairments and regulatory reporting....more

MAY 2017: The EBA has issued final guidelines on credit institutions’ credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses (IFRS 9). The EBA is clearly uncomfortable with some aspects of IFRS 9 as they may be adopted by EU credit institutions (CIs).....more

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JANUARY 2017: KnowCo announces its solution for IFRS 9 which responds to all requirements of the Standard...more

DECEMBER 2016: Ghana International Bank plc (GHIB), a Ghanaian-owned international Bank based in the City of London, has gone live with KnowCo’s stress-testing system, KST. GHIB delivers banking services for Ghanaians around the globe, and for corporates doing business in Africa the Bank is a gateway to the global financial system.....more

NOVEMBER 2016: Wesleyan Bank has gone live with KnowCo’s stress-testing system, KST. KST provides comprehensive, intuitive stress-testing and business modelling functionality across liquidity, credit risk capital and IRRBB, set in a secure production environment and fed automatically with data from the Bank’s data warehouse.....more


K-IFRS9 is KnowCo’s software solution to supporting financial institutions in implementing IFRS 9. Our solution builds on our tried-and-tested stress-testing engine which, among much other functionality, projects credit losses into the future. It also supports the user in business-line classification, impairment levels, provisioning, FINREP and management reporting.


KST is KnowCo’s popular stress-testing and ALM software solution which enables greater assurance and transparency around data integrity and offers significant reduction in the senior management time spent controlling spreadsheet risk. We combine regulatory and business subject-matter expertise with pragmatic, analytical data processing to offer stress-testing and ALM software that is highly configurable, scalable and intuitive.


KnowCo also helps banks with consulting and software services facilitating compliance with the new standards for capital, liquidity, leverage, crisis management and provision for resolution. Our services include IFRS 9, ICAAP, ILAAP, RRP, risk appetite statement and metrics definitions.


We have been busy making sure that, as always, KST incorporates the required new functionality. In particular:

  • IFRS 9 solution
  • Intraday liquidity monitoring functionality announced
  • Cash-flow mismatch functionality (see CP211/16) available to KST users
  • LCR and Forecast LCR (forward-looking, stressed LCR values) now tested and installed at launch client
  • We’ve added new users to our enhanced IRRBB module, which adds repricing and optionality functionality to the pre-existing basis risk and yield curve risk functionality

Please contact us if you would like further information or to arrange a demo of our stress-testing and ALM software.


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